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Data Protection & GDPR

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Understand your data Protection responsibilities and how GDPR is used to protect confidential or sensitive information. This course explains data Processing compliance, and the formal roles of the ICO, data Controller, data Processor and the data Protection Officer (DPO).

Course Lessons, Data subject Menu: Introduction & Terminology, The GDPR, Who Regulates data Protection?, Personal Rights under GDPR, data Redaction, data Processing, GDPR and Children, The Freedom of Information Act, subject Access Requests, Cyber Security, Giving Consent for Others, Quiz Questions

Data subject Related Tags: data, data protection, gdpr, dpo, controller, processor, data protection officer, confidential, sensitive, access, misuse, ico, compliance, rights, foi, sar, breach, cyber security, personal data, law, consent, data subject, rights, dsar, level 2,

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